BORDER CRACKDOWN: Trump signs memo ending ‘Catch and Release’ policy; DOJ announces ‘Zero-Tolerance’ policy on illegal border crossings

Yesterday was a VERY busy day, when it comes to our National Security at our southern border!  While the pundits were busy complaining about the National Guard being deployed to the border, and pointing out that the National Guard couldn’t really DO anything of substance, due to the “Catch and Release” policy that was put in place by President G.W. Bush, many wondered what could actually be done to stop this massive uptick in illegal border crossings.

There have been numerous calls for Congress to change these ridiculous laws and close the nonsensical loopholes, but Congress is on vacation right now…. or I guess the correct phrase is “back in their districts talking to their constituents,” if that’s what you choose to believe.  With attempted illegal border crossings increasing at an alarming rate, President Trump couldn’t wait for Congress to get back from vacation.

The time to fix this problem is NOW!  (Actually, we should have fixed it decades ago… but since time machines haven’t been invented yet, NOW is our next best time reference.)  Yesterday, President Trump took matters into his own hands to keep all of us safe, and wrote a Memorandum to end the “Catch and Release” policy at the border!!!  As a Reuters article states,

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a memorandum on Friday ordering the end of a policy, known as “catch and release,” in which illegal immigrants are released from detention while awaiting a court hearing on their status.

As part of the memo, Trump asked Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to produce a list of military facilities that could be used to detain illegal immigrants.

In addition to the change in policy at the border by President Trump to DETAIN illegal immigrants (instead of releasing them to go wherever they wish in our Country until their court date that they rarely show up for,) Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced yesterday that illegal entry into the U.S. will be “met with the full prosecutorial powers of the Department of Justice.”  According to a Fox News article,

The Justice Department announced Friday that it is implementing a “zero-tolerance” policy for prosecuting those attempting to enter the U.S. illegally — the latest in a series of measures by the Trump administration to combat illegal immigration.

“The situation at our Southwest Border is unacceptable,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement announcing the policy. “Congress has failed to pass effective legislation that serves the national interest — that closes dangerous loopholes and fully funds a wall along our southern border. “

“As a result, a crisis has erupted at our Southwest Border that necessitates an escalated effort to prosecute those who choose to illegally cross our border,” he said.

On Friday, Sessions — who has a long-standing reputation for his tough stance on illegal immigration — warned that illegal entry into the U.S. will not be rewarded and will be instead “met with the full prosecutorial powers of the Department of Justice.”

“To the Department’s prosecutors, I urge you: promoting and enforcing the rule of law is vital to protecting a nation, its borders, and its citizens,” he said.

This is AWESOME NEWS!!!  If we detain the illegal immigrants, instead of releasing them, and then prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law…. THAT’S A WINNING RECIPE FOR SUCCESS!!!  (At least until the wall is built!)

Obviously, this is a developing story, as we still don’t yet know if California Governor Jerry Brown will send their National Guard to the border, or even allow the National Guard from other states to be on their border.

At this exact moment in time, Texas has sent 250 National Guard troops to the border (with up to 250 additional National Guard troops coming soon,) and Arizona has sent 400 National Guard troops to the border.  President Trump’s estimated number of National Guard troops desired at this time is 2,000-4,000, so hopefully many more states will be sending their National Guard troops soon!

texas national guard

Stay tuned!   #MAGA!  🙂

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