Trump discusses Military Guarding our Southern Border (Again) during Joint Press Conference with Baltic States – Will Meet with Gen. Mattis Shortly

Today, President Trump held a joint news conference with the leaders of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  This was held shortly after the working lunch with these Baltic leaders (which I blogged about earlier today.)

Estonia’s President Kersti Kaljulaid, Latvia’s President Raimonds Vejonis and Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite, all praised President Trump during the joint news conference.  It was very impressive how they all chose to speak in English (obviously not their native language) and the press pool from the Baltic states spoke English too!  (and yet sadly, here in America, we’re all dialing “1” for English… that says a lot, doesn’t it?)

Since these Baltic States are right next to Russia, they all appreciated President Trump’s strength and leadership.  The topic of Russia came up several times, and all of the Baltic leaders were VERY adamant about stating how strong Trump has been, and how much they appreciated his help.  They almost tripped over each other to keep singing Trump’s praises.  It was amazing!

President Trump starts taking questions from the reporters around the 28:00 minute mark of the video below, with the first 2-part question from a Reuters reporter about pulling our Troops out of Syria, and also the Military guarding our southern border.  President Trump addressed the Military/southern border question first, and stated that he will be meeting with General Mattis (and a bunch of other people) very shortly.

President Trump also spoke about the caravan of illegal immigrants walking through Mexico on their way to the US, and said, “as of 12 minutes ago, it was all being broken up. We’ll see what happens.”  So, it appears that my earlier blog about the caravan being disbanded was accurate!  YAY!!

You can watch the entire joint news conference below.  Enjoy! 🙂

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