Immigrant Caravan Traveling Through Mexico Appears to be Disbanding

The caravan of immigrants from Central America, now traveling through Mexico while making their way to the U.S., has been a major story in the news lately.

President Trump has had strong words to say about it, via Twitter.  He has pressured Congress to act NOW on changing the weak immigration laws, and has also used NAFTA as a leverage tool against Mexico should they fail to stop the large caravan of immigrants headed this way.  Also, DACA seems to be off the table now, since the Democrats failed to act on the super generous deal that President Trump proposed to solve the problem.

trump - 1

trump - 2

trump - 3

trump - 4

trump - 5trump - 6

trump - 7

trump - 8.jpg

Many pundits JUMPED at the chance to claim that this has nothing to do with DACA, as it only applies to children who came into the country before 2010.  However, if you think that there won’t be a push for another version of DACA after this new wave of children grow up, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Meanwhile, last night the reporter from Buzzfeed who is embedded with the caravan of immigrants, tweeted that the caravan will disband by Wednesday…. but then hours later, noted that the organizers of the group were insisting that they continue on with their journey, still using asylum as their reason. (As if they couldn’t claim asylum in Mexico.)

aflores - tweet 1

aflores - tweet 2

aflores - tweet 3

aflores - tweet 4

aflores - tweet 5

aflores - tweet 6

This created quite a bit of confusion for people who are following the story intensely.  Are they disbanding???  Or aren’t they??  Which is it?

Then, this morning, there appeared to be more signs that the caravan IS in fact disbanding!

navy jack - 1

navy jack - 2

navy jack - 3

YAY!!!  If they are in fact actually disbanding, this is HUGE NEWS!!!

This is obviously a developing story… more to come!  Stay tuned 🙂




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