BREAKING: Active Shooter at YouTube HQ at San Bruno, CA (Updated to Include Statement by Police Chief – Video)

Breaking News – There is an active shooter at the YouTube headquarters, in San Bruno, CA.

As usual, twitter is the first place where information started coming in about this:

san bruno police tweet

whatsapp group

active shooter tweeet

AP tweet

While there is little written information about this at this time, here’s a little bit of what we know, from an ABC News article,

Police are responding to an active shooter at the YouTube headquarters in California’s Bay Area, authorities say, cautioning people to stay away.

Employees tweeted that an active shooter was in the building and that people inside had barricaded themselves in rooms. Some employees were later evacuated.

One employee, Todd Sherman, tweeted that he was sitting in a meeting when he heard rumbling from what he first thought was an earthquake but was really people nearby who were running away.


California police respond to reports of an active shooter at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, Calif., April 3, 2018.

Sherman said that after someone told him that “there was a person with a gun,” he “looked down and saw blood drips on the floor and stairs.”

Aerial footage showed people coming out of the building with their hands in the air, surrounded by a heavy police presence. Officers in bulletproof vests were then seen entering the building.

Police were seen patting down people outside after they left the building.

About 1,700 people work on the YouTube campus, ABC San Francisco station KGO reported. It is unclear if anyone has been injured.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and California Highway Patrol are responding to the scene, and the FBI’s office in San Francisco is closely monitoring the incident.

Google, which is the parent company of YouTube, said in a statement that it is coordinating with authorities and will release information as it becomes available.


This is obviously a developing story…..  More to come.  Praying that everyone is OK.

UPDATE: The San Bruno police chief issued a statement:

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