The Face of Jesus; From the “Heaven is For Real” painting by Akiane Kramarik, to the Shroud of Turin 3-D Recreation.

I have often wondered what the real face of Jesus Christ looks like, when praying.  Sometimes I feel silly wondering about it, because his face isn’t what matters AT ALL!  But still…  in a personal relationship, you usually know what the other person IN the relationship looks like!  Thanks to a very special little girl, and major scientific advances, there have been very significant developments in what the ACTUAL face of Jesus might looks like!

The “Heaven is For Real” painting, by Akiane Kramarik

In 2014, a wonderful movie was made out of the 2010 best selling book “Heaven is For Real.”  If you haven’t seen it yet, stop what you’re doing right now, and watch it!  (FYI, you can rent it on Amazon Prime Video, and also DirecTV on-demand, for $3.99.  It is not on Netflix, giving you yet another reason to dump Netflix altogether.)  😉

It’s a true story about a little boy, Colton Burpo, who almost died and had memories of Heaven when he woke up.  The movie goes on with wonderous revelations and insights that simply can’t be explained unless little Colton Burpo was actually in Heaven at one point.

The movie ends with Colton Burpo visiting a little girl who has had visions of Heaven too, and has painted the face of Jesus as she best remembers it.  As Colton Burpo approaches the painting (in REAL LIFE as well as in the movie) he proclaims in wild excitement, “That’s Him!  That’s Jesus!”




In real life, this little girl is Akaine Kramarik, and she says she got her gift of painting, from God.   She painted “The Prince of Peace” at 8 years old, and actually used strands of her own hair to get Jesus’ eyelashes just right!  She is an adult now, and has painted MANY visions of heaven, which can be purchased on her website.

The Real Face of Jesus, a 3-D recreation from the Shroud of Turin

In 2010 The History Channel aired a show called “The Face of Jesus Uncovered?”  The description according to their website is, “A team of experts uses cutting-edge technology in an attempt to uncover an image of the face of Jesus Christ. Many believe Jesus was buried in an ancient linen cloth known as the Shroud of Turin, which bears traces of blood and the faint image of a man. With the help of 3-D software, the team hopes to finally unlock the secrets of one of the world’s most famous artifacts.”

The show goes through the long tedious process of matching up the Shroud of Turin to the face of Jesus, while accounting for all of the dips and creases of the Shroud around his face and body.

At the end of the show, their final result is finally revealed:

history channel


So now, let’s look at them side by side!

WOW!!  They look VERY similar, don’t they?  Even though Jesus’ face is obviously swollen from all of the beatings (which is historically accurate) that’s amazing how similar they look!!

The first thing that I notice, is that the nose is almost IDENTICAL in both images!  In fact, to me, EVERYTHING looks almost identical!  Could this really BE the face of our Savior?

We won’t know for sure until we get to Heaven, but until then… this might just be the closest we will ever get to the real face of Jesus!  Feel free to print it out, to have on hand while you are praying!  (and if you feel silly, just remember that I’m doing it too!)  🙂

Happy Easter, everyone!  🙂


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