OPINION: An Omnibus is not a Budget bill!! Get your butt back on the Trump Train, and #MAGA!

The last 48 hours (or longer) has been a trying time for most die-hard Trump supporters, no doubt.  When we all started learning drip by drip what was in the pork-filled Omnibus, it was as if our stomachs were suddenly filled with lead.  Then our hopes peaked when President Trump signaled that he might Veto the Omnibus…. only to have our hopes dashed when he announced at a Press Conference yesterday that he had already signed it, mostly for the Military funds.

While most of us understood WHY he felt he had to sign that monstrosity of a bill, we were saddened that our Government was STILL this dysfunctional.  After all, we have a Republican House, a (barely) Republican Senate, and a Republican President!  It was a lot of hard work to make all of that happen, and we had a lot of high hopes that things could change… and we NEED things to change, before the Democrats have a chance to destroy America again, right??

For a brief moment, things seemed slightly hopeless.  Many people jumped off of the Trump Train and publicly announced their wishy washy backboned decision on various social media outlets.  True die-hard Trump supporters (like myself) stayed firm and never swayed, but it was admittedly tough with all of the negative posts coming from literally everywhere.

That is… until a comment hidden deep under a post in TheConservativeTreehouse.com went VIRAL… and then everyone started to feel MUCH better again!

It turns out that Americans had been slowly conditioned to think of Omnibus bills as budget bills, mostly because for 8 long years Obama NEVER passed a budget, and these Omnibus spending bills became the “norm.”  But Omnibus bills are NOT Budget bills! They are not Constitutionally-protected like Budget bills, either!  The post from Gunny explains it all, and is copied word for word:

Gunny says:
March 23, 2018 at 7:42 am
I seriously do not understand why individuals do not read the entire thread or disregard it.

Wheatietoo and I spent hours yesterday providing links, researching the laws, the 1974 law and statutes…. Do you know why the Omnibus is not going to get any notice…Here it is..

It’s not an official ‘Federal Budget’. It’s an Omnibus bill…not a Budget…He outsmarted them again…Congress basically screwed themselves by not passing a Budget…

Per the Constitution…the President must adhere to a Budget set forth by Congress and direct the expenditures as provided therein.

This is another one of those big Porkulus Bills, like they gave Obama for 8 years. This is not a Budget..

An Omnibus Spending Bill may have some ‘instructions’ as to how the money will be spent…but Obama ignored them.
He spent the money, or didn’t spend it, however he wanted to.
And Congress didn’t do a thing about it! Because they couldn’t..

I think our President observed how this happened, year after year.
He is bound to realize that those ‘appropriations’ for different things in these Omnibus bills…are merely ‘suggestions’.

So like Obama, Pres Trump can spend this money on whatever he wants to.
Or…not spend it.

Planned Parenthood?
What if our President decided to tell the Treas Dept to ‘slow-walk’ that money to Planned Parenthood…until the Senate gets off their ass and confirms his appointees?

Sanctuary Cities?
What if our President decided to ‘slow-walk’ that money too…until those Sanctuary Cities assist ICE in rounding up criminal illegal aliens?

Splodey heads? From the Dems and the Enemedia?
Why yes.
There would be a colorful display of splodey heads.

But what could they do about it.

Our President could just say…’What! Congress should’ve passed a Budget.’

done finished…research was done…and it is so very humorous actually….our VSG..just said just give me money for the military and the wall…put anything else you want in it…and those goofballs did.

In this case, as per above….he doesn’t have to spend a dime….because it is not a budget…and even if it was…researched….he could still spend as he please…
Congress appropriates….up to the President to spend it…or not….as he pleases..

If anyone disagrees, I can go back and get the links and evidence, but if you just read yesterdays political thread…Wheatietoo and I laid it all out for all…Wheatietoo did most of the work and put together the consolidated update as per above….

Again, that is why Obama never had a Budget in his Presidency…Congress did continual Omibus’s and he just took the money….for 8 years…and no one seems to know where it went…

FEEL BETTER YET??  (I know I sure do!)  Furthermore, Gunny is absolutely correct.  Trump can (and should) pick and choose which items to fully fund!!  It CAN be done!!

And, just to add some more warm fuzzies to your day, let’s factor in exactly WHO President Trump is, and how strong his backbone is too.  If there was EVER a President to stand up to these pork-filled Omnibus disasters, and call them out for what they are, it’s President Trump.  The WORLD knows that there has never been a President like Trump before… and it’s time that Congress knows it too!

As the MSM media slowly figures out that President Trump isn’t funding Planned Parenthood as they expected, the pressure will mount, BIGLY.  As AG Jeff Sessions keeps pursuing the law suits against Sanctuary Cities (instead of fully funding them, per the Omnibus) things are going to get very tense!  WE HAVE TO STAY STRONG, AND SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

So get your butts back on the Trump Train, already!!  We have LOTS of work to do, if we want to keep the House and Senate after the Midterms!  (And we MUST keep the House and Senate!  We HAVE to!)  It’s time to #DrainTheSwamp and vote in REAL Conservatives, to help carry out President Trump’s agenda!

After all, President Trump needs a full eight years to fix the disastrous situation we were in after Obama.  He’s done a remarkable job so far, given all of the opposition, hasn’t he?  Just think where we could be, after 8 fantastic years of President Trump’s leadership!!!

Don’t lose the faith… #MAGA instead! 🙂


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