Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Was on Payroll of Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel

With ALL of the headlines by CNN and MSNBC and most (if not all) of the MSM about Stormy Daniels and President Trump spewing nonstop hysteria, it’s well past time that we take a look at the motivations behind all of the nonsense.

We’ve all seen how Stormy Daniels seems to be motivated purely by money and fame, and seems to relish in the fact that she’s in the headlines non-stop.  We don’t need to ask if she has any credibility or morals… after all, she is a porn star.  But what about her lawyer?  So far, everything that we know about the Stormy Daniels “story” is THROUGH her lawyer… so what is HIS motivation??

Well, it seems his motivation is purely politically motivated.  According to True Pundit,

Porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenetti it turns out, worked for Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel, two Obama pals.

Small world.

Especially when you’re trying to railroad and smear the President of the United States in return for cash and fame.

In fact Avenetti worked on the political campaigns of over 150 Democrats, including national campaigns; When he wasn’t busy suing Donald Trump and The Apprentice producer Mark Barnett for alleged intellectual property infractions.

Could Avenetti have an anti-Trump grudge? Do the math.

Per the lawyer’s biography:

“While in college and later in law school, Michael worked at a political opposition research and media firm run by Rahm Emanuel (who later became White House Chief of Staff and is presently the Mayor of Chicago). During his time there, Michael worked on over 150 campaigns in 42 states, including multiple gubernatorial and congressional campaigns (i.e. Joe Biden’s U.S. Senate Campaign).”

There’s certainly a thin line between porn star and an ambulance-chasing lawyer.

YUCK!  Just… yuck!!!  Her lawyer is as slimy as SHE is!  Suddenly, I am reminded of a joke my Dad told me a very very long time ago:

What’s the difference between a catfish and a lawyer?

One’s a slimy scum-sucking bottom-dwelling scavenger, the other is just a fish.

I hope that the 60 minutes interview with Stormy Daniels (set to air March 25th) ASKS these type of questions about motivation… but I doubt it.  I sincerely doubt it.

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