Marc Short calls out Sen. Schumer for Unprecedented Obstruction

Marc Short, Director of Legislative Affairs, blasted Senator Schumer at the start of today’s daily WH press briefing.

He went into great detail about how positions are filled, and the long and arduous process that they go through. (Undergo thorough FBI background check, then coordinate with the Office of Government Ethics, then they meet with Senate staff on both sides of the aisle, then there is a Senate Committee hearing where the Committee then votes to get the nominee out of committee and on to the full Senate floor.)

Marc then noted that the process typically ends with the entire senate holding a floor vote on the nominee, for full confirmation.

However, Sen. Schumer has not been following typical procedure, and has been INSISTING on holding cloture votes before they can go to the Senate Floor for a final vote. Cloture votes are unusual, because they can be filibustered for 30 hours.

Marc Short stated,

“At this point in the last 4 administrations combined… the last 4 administrations… the Senate had conducted a total of 17 Senate cloture votes, combined.  Cloture vote essentially being a filibuster on a nominee.  Today, the Senate has had 79 cloture votes, in the first 14 months of our administration.”

“17 in the last 4 administrations, compared to 79 in our administration.  That is roughly 5 times the number of cloture votes at this point in our administration, compared to the last 4 administrations combined.

“Senator Schumer is essentially weaponizing a Senate procedure, and demanding cloture votes on nominees that even he eventually supports.”

“At this rate, it would take 11 1/2 years to confirm all of our nominees.”

You can watch the entire WH Press Briefing below: (fast forward to the 7:00 min mark to hear Marc Short’s comments)

It is interesting to note, that all of the major networks (including Fox News) broke away from coverage of Marc Short’s remarks, and decided to talk about other things for a while… until Sarah Sanders came back to the podium.  I had to turn the channel to OANN (One America News Network) to be able to see Marc Short taking questions from the reporters.

Luckily, this video shows the ENTIRE briefing… but if you were watching any channel on your TV, other than OANN, you missed a lot of what Marc Short had to say.  SAD!

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