President Trump makes good on another campaign promise; Signs steel & aluminum tariffs (video)

President Trump is the complete opposite of most politicians and/or Presidents, in that he is actually making sure he KEEPS his campaign promises, and follows through on them!    It’s driving the MSM and swamp monsters absolutely bonkers… but the American people LOVE IT!

As we discussed in a previous blog, outlining the ties of the steel and aluminum tariffs to the NAFTA negotiations (days before the MSM figured it out, I might add,) President Trump decided to add special carve outs to the steel and aluminum tariffs to Mexico and Canada, depending on how NAFTA negotiations are going.  There is also great flexibility written in, to adjust the tariffs depending on our relationships with certain countries. (i.e. If you’re not always trying to kill us, or steal from us, you might catch a break.  Otherwise, not so much.)

You can watch the entire announcement here:

The stock market reacted favorably to the announcement from President Trump, much to the MSM’s dismay.   The DOW was in the red (for the day) before President Trump’s announcement… and as he spoke, and explained the tariffs in greater detail (and why we need them) the stock market ticked up.  And then you heard from some of the steel workers and aluminum workers, as they shared their personal stories.  The stock market again ticked up.  The DOW closed at +93.85 for the day, at 24,895.21.  Not exactly the doom and gloom that everyone was predicting.

The RINO’s are still whining and making a general fuss, however.  A total of 107 House Republicans sent a letter to President Trump, asking him not to impose the tariffs.  You can read more about that HERE.   To read the letter sent to President Trump, along with all 107 names and signatures of the RINO whiners, click HERE.  It is important to note that House Majority Speaker Paul Ryan did NOT sign the letter.  There may be hope for him after all. 😉

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