Mr. Potato Head is #FullofSchiff (and so is his #DemMemo)

As the news broke out about the Democratic FISA Memo being released Friday night, no one broke it all down as accurately or as quickly as Catherine Herridge, of Fox News.  Watch her analysis below:

Devin Nunes also shared his opinion on the Democratic FISA memo, during CPAC, only a few hours before the memo was released to the public:

Many people also went to twitter, to try to help break down the 10 heavily redacted pages of the memo:

kim stossel

buck sexton

jack prosobiec

columbia bugle - sarah sanders

If you would like to read the entire 10 pages of the Democratic FISA memo, click HERE.

Probably the BEST article that I’ve read so far about the Democrat FISA memo, is by Andrew C. McCarthy, entitled: The Schiff Memo hurts Democrats more than it helps them posted in the National Review. It breaks down the Democratic FISA Memo point by point. It’s way too long to post here, and I’d end up somehow plagiarizing it, because it’s just THAT good!! So please READ IT. 🙂

As for MY response??  Here it is…. 🙂

my response

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