Listener-in-Chief; Trump’s Extraordinary Way of Leading (w/ full videos)

In the past week, we have witnessed the extraordinary business style of President Trump.  In a nutshell, he does what most politicians (and past Presidents) rarely do – HE LISTENS and lets everyone share their opinions and their voice, while still commanding the room.  It’s really a remarkable thing to behold.

He is determined to dramatically reduce school shootings, and he’s not just saying empty rhetoric and fluff… he’s actually doing it in logical thoughtful steps.

Step 1:  Listen to the students themselves. Listen to the teachers.  Hear what THEY think could make things better.

Step 2:  With all of the suggestions from the students/teachers in mind, now let’s listen to the law enforcement officials.  Let’s hear what THEY think could help fix things.

Step 3:  With all of THAT information from students/teachers, and law enforcement officials, now let’s talk to the Governors of the states… since it will ultimately be up to the States to implement what solutions will work best for them… and see if we can get everyone on similar pages of thought, to have a cohesive nationwide strategy.

It’s a brilliant strategy.  It truly is.  And what’s more brilliant than all of that listening in a systematic problem-solving succession???  Putting it all on live TV for all the world to see, so that they don’t have to rely on the “spin” of  newscasters and/or pundits to find out what happened!  SUPER-BRILLIANT!!

So here are all 3 listening sessions on school safety, for your viewing pleasure!  They are lengthy… you might want to get on your comfy clothes first, and pop up some popcorn!! 🙂

LISTENING SESSION #1: On February 21, 2018 President Trump had a listening session with students and teachers, from Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas.  Watch full video (1 hr, 10 min) below:

LISTENING SESSION #2:  The next day, of February 22, he had another listening session with various law enforcement officials.  Watch the full video (1 hr, 38 min) below:

LISTENING SESSION #3:  Today (Monday, February 26) He had yet another listening session with Governors from each state.  All were invited… about 35 showed up.  Watch the full video (59 min) below:

I am assuming that there will be more listening sessions to come, as he needs Congress to appropriate any funds towards the efforts, and also to pass any new laws that may be needed as well.  Stay tuned for more greatness from President Trump! 🙂

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