President Trump Pushes for Teachers to obtain Concealed Carry Permits!

Almost as if President Trump had read my blog last week about arming teachers (like they do in Israel,) President Trump used his speaking opportunity at CPAC 2018 to push for teachers to get concealed carry permits, so that they can better protect the children that they love so much.

Of course, it’s up to Congress to actually change anything, but the NRA already has a National School Shield Program in place for schools and teachers to implement ASAP.  According to their website:

“School security is a complex issue with no simple, single solution. The National School Shield® program is committed to addressing the many facets of school security, including best practices in security infrastructure, technology, personnel, training, and policy. Through this multidimensional effort, National School Shield® seeks to engage communities and empower leaders to help make our schools more secure.”

President Trump also brought up the possibility of armed guards, and/or retired military,  to help protect the children… much like how we protect our banks and airports.  But he also added that those armed guards don’t have the personal connection to the students that the teachers themselves do.   I also have a hunch that the fact that there WAS an armed guard at the latest school shooting in Parkland FL, and yet that armed guard did NOT help, had something to do with his current line of thinking.

Of course, the liberal Lefty media outlets, went INSANE at this idea.  Apparently the idea of protecting your children in the same way that you protect your money or your Hollywood stars, is just TOO much for them to comprehend.  Besides, they don’t really want to protect the children… they want to take everyone’s guns completely away… and solving the problem won’t give their base the emotional blackmail issue that they need for the Midterms…. so they are in a complete and utter panic!  (What else is new, right?)

As for President Trump’s entire speech at CPAC – it was awesome, as usual!  It was a completely packed room.  In fact, it was the first time ever in CPAC history, that they had to extend the room itself for all of the attendees of his speech.  In many ways, it was much like a typical Trump rally.  People were chanting “USA, USA” and “LOCK HER UP!” and he even read the poem about the snake, too.  Like I said, it was awesome! 🙂

If you missed his speech at CPAC this morning, here you go!  It’s quite long… so grab your popcorn and get in some comfy clothes first! ENJOY! 🙂

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