7 Reasons why the Apple Watch (series 3) is the best thing since sliced bread

There are MANY reasons why the Apple Watch Series 3 is the best thing since sliced bread.  In fact, it might be the best thing since lunch meat was first put on sliced bread!  Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. You can receive (and make) calls on the Series 3 Apple watch, which frees you up from dragging your phone around with you everywhere!  Whether you are out on a dog walk, or doing yard work, or household chores, you will never miss an important call ever again!  No need to weigh down your pockets with your phone… in fact, there’s no reason to wear pants with pockets any more!   If you have previous versions of the Apple watch, and haven’t upgraded yet, THIS SINGLE FEATURE is the reason to upgrade to the series 3.
  2. You can receive (and send) texts too, just like in earlier versions of the Apple watch. Personally, I like to return text messages from my phone, but when I don’t have my phone around (i.e. when I’m on a dog walk) the ability to dictate a text from my Apple watch is REALLY handy!
  3. It’s infinitely customizable.  Not only are the watch faces fully customizable, but what the Apple watch notifies you OF is customizable too!!  Personally, I have my email and Twitter and Facebook (etc.) notifications turned OFF on my watch, so that I’m not getting a notification every 4 seconds… but everyone is different.  The point is, you can make it do whatever you want!
  4. Driving around while using Google Maps for directions is even better now, because when I get close to an important turn, my Apple watch thumps on my wrist and makes a special sound, so that I don’t miss the turn.  That feature is SO cool, because it helps free you up from staring at your phone or dashboard for directions, and lets you actually drive more safely!  Love it!
  5. The activity tracker keeps you moving, even on days where you really don’t want to move!  Let’s face it, some days you just need to rest… but unless you are in your 20’s and have a metabolism that just won’t quit, you NEED to keep moving! Speaking for myself, I have found that I go on longer dog walks now, so that I can complete my exercise circle for the day, before the day has really even begun!
  6. It’s fascinating  how the little awards and achievements that the activity tracker gives you, perks you up and makes you feel better about yourself.  Truly fascinating.  Everyone needs a little “atta boy” now and then, that’s just part of human nature.  But life is often stressful and chaotic, and you can easily feel like you’ve been running around spinning your wheels, with nothing to show for it.  Except that you DO have something to show for it.  Your Apple watch noticed, and it gave you an award!  High-Five! 🙂
  7. This is probably the BIGGEST AND BEST reason: You can unwind and unplug, without #FOMO.  What’s #FOMO?  It’s the Fear of Missing Out… and it’s a very real thing.  Before I got the Apple watch, I was constantly checking my phone.  Constantly.  And to be completely honest, it was probably unhealthy how often I checked my phone.   But now, I can enjoy nature.  I can fully engross myself into a movie.  I can set my phone down, and truly plug-in to whatever I want to, without the fear of missing out on something important… because if it’s important, my watch will let me know!

So, to summarize… the Apple watch series 3 may SEEM like an extravagant purchase, but I don’t know how I lived without it before.  I am now more balanced in my personal relationships, because I can focus more on them without being distracted by my phone.  I am more healthy now, because I have motivation to keep moving all day long.  I am more relaxed in general now, because I no longer fear missing out on something important… and I get to look techy and nerdy all at the same time!  Bonus!

p.s.  I’d like to thank my wonderful parents for my super cool Apple watch. They bought it for me as an early Christmas gift this past year.  Huge props to them for such an awesome Christmas gift… and also for being truly amazing parents!  Also, a huge shout out to my Mother, who got an Apple watch for herself too!  She might be in her mid 70’s, but she is VERY “with it!”  High-five, Mom… High-five 🙂

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