The Left: Guns are horrible – they KILL people! Also the Left: Abortion is perfectly fine, and should be protected.

Dear looney tooney Lefties – please make up your minds!!!

Why is it, that most of the Democrats in Congress RUSH to the microphones whenever there is a tragedy, in hopes of taking everyone’s guns away (because somehow in their minds guns are the problem, not the people who purposefully wanted to kill people,) while at the SAME TIME, these Democrats also heavily support their pals at Planned Parenthood (you know… the folks who have killed more than 6 million babies.)

Why is that?  Can someone please explain that to me?  If the Left is to have even an ounce of credibility, they really need to square these two issues… not to just their ideological base, but to the American people who have actual brains in their skulls.

Let’s take one small example of how low the Democrats will go, to protect their beloved Planned Parenthood cartel, shall we?  Our subject for this example: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA.)  As we reported earlier, on an article about the fake news about 18 school shootings this year, Kamala Harris was quite vocal about protecting the children.  Ironically, Sen. Kamala Harris loves Planned Parenthood a lot, and so does her wallet… to the tune of $81,000.

Let’s dive on in, and go back to 2016.  At that time, Kamala Harris was the Attorney General of California.  Planned Parenthood was under heavy scrutiny for selling baby parts.  David Daleiden had been investigating Planned Parenthood for their baby parts selling practices, for 3 years. According to an article by,

“Since the California Department of Justice, under the leadership of Democratic State Attorney General Kamala Harris, searched the home of David Daleiden on Tuesday, there have been numerous news stories noting an apparent conflict of interest in Harris’ investigation of Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress that ignores obvious evidence of illegal conduct on the part of Planned Parenthood.

California authorities seized a laptop and hard drives containing the video footage collected during Daleiden’s 3-year investigation of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the illegal sale of aborted baby remains, according to a written statement made by Life Legal Defense Foundation, which is helping to defend Daleiden.

Harris, a pro-abortion Democrat, chose to focus her investigation on Daleiden and his associates rather than Planned Parenthood, even though the video footage so far released by Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress shows clear evidence that Planned Parenthood was illegally altering abortion procedures to endure intact organs targeted for harvesting then selling the organs for profit.

Operation Rescue has obtained evidence that supports accusations that Harris’ investigation was politically retaliation, and that the raid on Daleiden’s home represents a frightening attack on free speech, freedom of the press, and our precious guarantee of equal (not biased) protection under the law.

Records obtained from the six California Planned Parenthood organizations along with several individuals from around the nation who have identified themselves as Planned Parenthood Board Members, have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Harris’ election campaigns over the past five years, both to Harris’ campaigns for Attorney General and her current campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Planned Parenthood organizations that have contributed funds to Kamala Harris’ political campaigns include:

• Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles
• Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest PAC
• Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties PAC
• Vote Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific
• Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte Candidate PAC

In total, over $81,000 has flowed into Harris’ campaign coffers from Planned Parenthood and other abortion promoters. She owes these people for her political livelihood.

Harris has shown that she is a puppet of radical leftists with Planned Parenthood and the rest of the Abortion Cartel paying for the right to pulling her strings.”

What’s truly scary, is that this is just ONE example.  And only $81,000.  All in all, Planned Parenthood has contributed more than 25 Million dollars to Democrats since 2000, according to a Fox News article:

“The financial ties between Planned Parenthood and Democrats run deep, with the taxpayer-funded women’s health care and abortion provider’s employees and political arms donating at least $25 million to party lawmakers over the past 15 years, according to a analysis.”

“In addition to direct donations to the campaigns of Democratic lawmakers around the nation, Planned Parenthood employees and affiliates spent $12 million on lobbying efforts during the same span, according to documents examined by”

It is now completely obvious that the Democrats don’t push an idea (or ideology) on the American people, without their wallets being involved.  Pay-for-Play isn’t just something that the Clinton’s mastered… it’s the mantra of the entire Democratic party.

SO…with all of the money being thrown at Democrats to push Planned Parenthood on the American people (to kill more babies,) doesn’t it make sense to question WHO is pulling their strings to feign outrage after every tragedy, and make attempts to take everyone’s guns away (to somehow save more babies?)   These Democrats certainly don’t believe in taking ALL the guns away, or else they wouldn’t have armed guards with them everywhere, right?  So why do they keep wanting to take OUR guns away?? (And who is paying them to form this opinion, to then shove down our throats?)

I wish I had the answer to that question…. but at this exact time, there is no evidence to make any claim that strong.  I suspect that it’s George Soros, because he is usually behind any type of coup to destroy the American people (and/or America itself.) However, at this time, there is no definitive proof… and I’m not about to spread fake news!  Hopefully, one day soon, we will know… so that I can update this blog post!

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