18 School shootings so far this year is FAKE NEWS! The truth: 2 school shootings

The liberal left media is completely out of control.  It’s typical for them to never let a tragedy go to waste (which is despicable) but now they are just making stuff up, to get their base in a hyper pitched frenzy about gun control.

The outlandish lie about 18 school shootings so far this year, seems to have started when MSNBC host Brian Williams said on-air, that this was the 12th school shooting of 2018.  It was quickly upgraded to 18 school shootings.  Social media went crazy, and spread the lie quicker than you could say “Huh?”  Next thing you know, every single main stream media outlet was reporting the lie, as fact.  No one bothered to fact check.  No one stopped to realize that we are only ~45 days into 2018…. and we would have all remembered non-stop news about 18 school shootings… right?  RIGHT?

Even Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) chimed in, to get his uber-liberal, gun-hating base, to start frothing at the mouth:

bernie sanders tweet

So did Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA):

kamala harris tweet

So WHERE did this giant lie come from??  They got it from a pro-gun control group, called Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund. A Washington Examiner article explains all 18 so-called school shootings in detail:

1) A man committed suicide using a gun in an elementary school parking lot when the school was closed and there were no children present in Clinton County, Mich., on Jan. 3.

2) Shots were fired at New Start High School near Burien, Wash., on Jan. 4. No one was hurt or injured, and no suspects were apprehended.

*3)A 32-year-old man shot a pellet gun at a school bus, shattering a window, in Forest City, Iowa, on Jan. 6. No injuries were reported, and the suspect was apprehended.

4)A Grayson College student confused a real gun with a training gun and accidentally fired a bullet into a wall on Jan. 10. No injuries were reported.

5)A 14-year-old seventh-grade student shot and killed himself inside the bathroom of Coronado Elementary School in Cochise County, Ariz., on Jan. 10.

6)Gunshots were fired at a campus building at Cal State San Bernardino on Jan. 10. No injuries were reported.

7)Two people in a car exchanged gunfire at a Wiley College dorm parking lot on Jan. 15. No deaths or injuries were reported and no suspects were arrested, however, one bullet was fired into a dorm room with three female students inside.

8)A Winston-Salem State University football player was shot and killed at a sorority party following an argument in Winston-Salem, N.C., on Jan. 20.

9)A 16-year-old male student shot a 15-year-old female student in the cafeteria at Italy High School in Italy, Texas, on Jan. 22. While the victim was injured, she was expected to make a full recovery. The shooter was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This one we would probably all refer to as a proper “school shooting.”

10) An unknown assailant in a pickup truck drove by the NET Charter High School in Gentilly, La., and shot at a group of students on Jan. 22. A 14-year-old boy was initially thought to have suffered a gunshot graze, but it turned out to be an abrasion.

11)A 15-year-old male student shot and killed two students and wounded 18 others at Marshall County High School in Benton, Ky., on Jan. 23. The shooter was apprehended.

12)A 16-year-old student fired a gun at another 16-year-old student during an altercation at Murphy High School in Mobile, Ala., on Jan. 25. No injuries were reported and the suspect was taken into custody.

13)Shots were fired in the parking lot during an altercation between two nonstudents during a basketball at Dearborn High School in Dearborn, Mich., on Jan. 26. No injuries were reported, and no suspects were arrested.

14)A 32-year-old man was shot and killed in the parking lot outside Lincoln High School in Philadelphia, Penn., on Jan. 31 during what police believed to be an altercation between students from rival schools. No suspects were arrested.

15)A 12-year-old female student accidentally fired a real gun thinking it was a fake gun. Four students were injured, including one who suffered a gunshot wound to the head, at Sal Castro Middle School in Los Angeles on Feb. 1. The 12-year-old girl was taken into custody.

16)A teenage boy was shot in the chest and nearly killed by another student who conspired with the boy’s ex-girlfriend in the parking lot of Oxon Hill High School in Oxon Hill, Md., on Feb. 5. The suspect was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder.

17)A third-grade student pulled the trigger of a police officer’s holstered weapon at the Harmony Learning Center in Maplewood, Minn., on Feb. 5. No injuries were reported.

18)A 17-year-old student was arrested after firing a gun into the floor of a classroom of Metropolitan High School in the Bronx, N.Y., on Feb. 8.

19) The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Wednesday that left 17 dead.

Now, you’ll notice that there are 19 shooting incidents listed above, not 18 like the media were trying to make you believe. That’s because the third incident on the list involving a pellet gun and a school bus has at least been ruled out as a “school shooting,” after it was included in the list of 11 school shootings by the media after the shooting in Benton, Ky., on Jan. 23. But frankly, most of the incidents above — probably at least 14 of them, don’t really qualify as what we think of as “school shootings” at all.

And of all the shootings listed above, only two qualify as mass school shootings — the one in Benton, Ky., and the shooting in Parkland this week. Everything else was either an isolated incident, non-school-related, or an accident.

So as you can see, there have been 2 school shootings this year, not 18.   And while 2 school shootings so far in ~45 days is absolutely horrible and tragic, it’s a far cry from what the liberal left MSM would have us believe (a school shooting every 2.5 days.)

So to all the Mainstream Media outlets out there… We, the American people, have some very simple advice for you.  If you don’t want to be CALLED fake news – stop SPREADING fake news!   It really IS that simple!

fake news 2

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