Should we arm teachers, to protect the children? YES!!!

Yesterday, another mass shooting happened at a school.  It’s horrible.  It’s tragic.  And sadly, this is becoming an all too common occurrence.   In the Parkland School shooting, it could have been prevented, as there were clear signs of trouble ahead.  The school had banned him from coming back on the campus (because of threats to students,) and he had gone to a mental health facility for a short while too.

In addition, the shooter (Nicholas Cruz, 19) was involved in all sorts of groups on social media that SHOULD have raised big giant red flags.   It was widely reported almost immediately that he followed resistance groups including the Syrian resistance, and Iraqi fighters… and also was recently in a YouTube chat room discussion about building bombs.  It has also been widely reported on social media that he was a follower of CAIR, Antifa, BLM, and other left-wing resistance groups.  It is also being widely reported on social media that he searched out ‘Allahu Akbar.’

The politically Left took all of 0.03 nanoseconds to push their gun-control narrative, as they always do… which has become boringly predictable, and ridiculous.   It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that gun restrictions and increased gun laws don’t help the problem, they only make the problem worse!  Just look at Chicago and other major democratically held cities with the strictest gun laws out there, and you’ll find they have the highest murder rates in the Country.

Gun-Free Zones are NOT the answer, and criminals don’t obey the laws…. no matter how many times you try to say that anti-gun laws would work, statistically (and logically) it just doesn’t pan out.

Personally, I think it’s time that we look at REAL solutions, that have been proven to actually work!  For example, if we take a look at Israel, and their solutions to fight terrorism while protecting their children, you’ll see a pattern emerge.  What do the following pictures, taken in Israel, have in common?

Israel armed teacher

male teacher with sidearm

ARMED TEACHERS is what the photos have in common, that’s what… and it WORKS!  To date, there have been ZERO mass school shootings in Israel.  ZERO!

Granted, having a population bear arms responsibly is a whole lot easier in Israel, than here in the USA, because every citizen of Israel – every single citizen – serves in the military.  They are drafted into the military at the age of 18.  It’s mandatory.  Men typically serve in the military for 3 years, while women typically serve for half that time.  After that, they are considered on “reserve” for the rest of their life.  They are taught responsible gun ownership, and often open-carry their guns in public, without anyone even batting an eye.

israeli crowd

While we can’t expect (or demand) every person to join the military so that they can learn proper gun use, we CAN educate our teachers about gun safety, and require them to take gun safety classes.  I think it would be a good idea to encourage teachers to do so, with higher pay as an incentive… after all, a teacher who can protect the children is a whole lot cheaper than a teacher AND armed security guards in every classroom!

Mental illness screenings would also have to be done for all teachers who are protecting their students as well – we would have to go above and beyond the mental illness standards already in place, so that parents would feel comfortable about it.  And if some lunatic lefty teachers don’t pass the mental illness test?  Oh well… that’s better for your kids in the long run too! 😉

ending pic

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