Donator-in-Chief, Trump gives his salary away… again!

President Donald Trump has donated his salary from the 4th quarter of 2017 to the Department of Transportation, to improve U.S. infrastructure.  During the White House Press Briefing yesterday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced,

“Today, the president is proud to donate his fourth-quarter 2017 salary to the Department of Transportation to support their programs to rebuild and modernize our crumbling infrastructure,”

In fact, Trump has donated ALL of his salary to various programs:

1st quarter 2017 – National Park Service

2nd quarter 2017 – Department of Education’

3rd quarter 2017 – Department of Health and Human Services’ efforts to combat the opioid crisis.

(and now 4th quarter – Dept. of Transportation)

Technically President Trump doesn’t work at a frenzied pace that runs circles around most 20 year olds, for free.  He claims that he is required by law to take $1.  😂

Let’s all take a minute to let it sink in.  He works at a non-stop pace, every single day of the week.  He has to battle the constant barrage of deranged Main Stream Media, Pundits, and other talking heads. And he somehow channels all of that negative energy coming his way, into an art form of always being at least 4 chess moves ahead of everyone else, all while dealing with the witch-hunt of a ridiculous Russia probe too.  It’s simply STUNNING, when you think about it.  He doesn’t want the money for all of his tireless work… he just wants to make life better for YOU (and for me too!)

And while we would all like to think that we would do the exact same thing if we were in his shoes…  I doubt many of us would last a week at that pace, let alone a day.  Personally speaking, even if I could keep up with all of that, I would probably want to keep the salary for super silly expenses to get back some of the people who were making life especially difficult.  Filling Chuck Schumer’s car to the brim with gummy bears, or covering Nancy Pelosi’s limo with sticky notes, are two things that come to mind. 🤣🤣

So THANK YOU, President Trump, for absolutely EVERYTHING that you do for us!  God Bless you, and GOD BLESS AMERICA! #MAGA


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