Failed President, Failed Portraits

Obama finally came out of hiding today, to unveil his Presidential portrait (painted by Kehinde Wiley) and Michelle’s portrait (painted by Amy Sherald)


While the MSM were gushing about the portraits, and glowing from the orgasmic experience of hearing both of them speak again… the SANE people went about finding out who these artists were…. and it was shocking.

It turns out that Kehinde Wiley has a “thing” for killing white people…. or rather, depicting black women BEHEADING white people.  Don’t believe me?  Look for yourself:


Here is Kehinde Wiley, standing in front of the “queen” beheading a white woman:artist-in-front-of-painting_thumb.jpg


and the other one, is actually in a museum.  Yes, a museum.judith-and-holofernes_thumb.jpg

You would think that Obama HAD to know about this artist’s hatred for white people, or about his thirst for killing (after all, he has Secret Service detail – you would think they would be concerned about the penchant for killing, right?)

So why did Obama choose THIS artist, out of all the artists in the world, to do his portrait? Was he trying to make sure that we understood JUST how much he hates white people too?  Or, is it simpler than that.  Perhaps he just doesn’t know how to make a good decision… ever.  After 8 failed years of being the worst President in American History, It’s fitting that his portrait failed big time too.

At the end of the day, I agree with @DeplorableJWS.  In time, it will fade away, just like his legacy:


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