Why Mr. Potato Head needs to step down

Little Adam Schiff has a lot of problems on his plate right now.  Not only is he #FullofSchiff, but he’s a leaker too.

We’ve all suspected that he has leaked classified information from closed door hearings, for quite some time now.   The most recent example of this (and most talked about example, as well) was when Donald Trump, Jr. testified behind closed doors to the House Intel Committee. It turned into a major deal, especially on social media.  (In case you missed it, or were living under a rock, you can catch up HERE.)

You would have thought that #LittleAdamSchiff would have laid low for a while… right?  Not so much.

On Jan. 29th, 2018, when the House Intel Committee voted to release the 4-page Nunes Memo (at which time, it was sent to the White House for review,) Schiff IMMEDIATELY went on every single TV news outlet that would air him, and spouted complete lies about what was in the Nunes Memo:

– He said that it contained extremely sensitive “sources and methods” intelligence.  THAT WAS A LIE.

– He said that it contained sensitive National Security intelligence.  THAT WAS A LIE.

– He even went so far, as to ponder the possibility of another Oklahoma City type bombing, because the Memo was so damaging. ((HUH??  WHAT THE… ARE YOU ACTUALLY TRYING TO GET PEOPLE KILLED??))

After all of his attempts to stop the Nunes Memo from being released to the public FAILED, he then started insisting that his OWN Memo be released… and it was, 3 days later, on 2/6/18, by unanimous vote.  And now we get to the crux of the problem, and a major difference between the two Memos:

– The Nunes Memo was intentionally written for public consumption.  They took great lengths to write it with that in mind, and scrubbed out all sensitive material before voting on it, and then sending it to the White House for review.

– In contrast, the Democratic Memo, did not make those attempts to scrub the Memo before sending it to the White House.  Almost immediately after it was sent to the White House, it was widely reported by multiple sources, that it contained a #SchiffLoad of extremely sensitive intelligence.

Which takes us to this point, which is obvious, but easily looked over, given all of the grandious hoopla over the last few days.  Since I want to give credit where credit is due, here is Mark Simone’s tweet about it:

schiff tweet

That’s right.  It’s that simple.  If you purposely release classified information, meant for the Public, that’s a big no-no.  There’s a law against that.  At the VERY LEAST, he should step down as Minority chair of the House Intel Committee, as he can’t expected to handle classified intelligence.  Should be resign from the House altogether?  Yeah… I think so!   What the voters of California think though, might be different.  After all, they’ve voted for this guy even after his sister married the son of George Soros.  Go figure.

Go ahead and pout, Mr. Potato Head.  Pout all you want.  But maybe, just MAYBE, after all these years of lying to the American people and leaking classified information to the highest bidder, (and leaking Lord knows what to George Soros too,) you will finally do the right thing, and step down. (fingers crossed)



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