Trump Derangement Syndrome is REAL, folks!

Anyone who has been on Twitter (or Facebook, or anywhere really) knows that Trump Derangement is real.  However, until recently, I really didn’t know HOW real it was.

After having a business account on Twitter for years and years, I finally started a new Twitter account exactly one week ago, so that I could comment and post political stuff…. completely seperately from my business account.

Now, as everyone who has started a brand new Twitter account knows, the first couple of days (and weeks) are really hard, because you have to get people to follow you… which means you have to be clever and witty, often at times when your morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.  Because your “follower” numbers are so low at first, people might assume incorrectly that you are a bot.  It’s not easy being a lowly little account, with less than 500 followers.  It takes time, effort, hard work, and VERY thick skin.

I’ll admit, there were times where I actually WANTED to dive into the lions den sometimes, and post comments that would get me REALLY noticed, in hopes of getting large numbers of followers that day.  The swarm of Liberals was completely expected on those occassions.  However, what I found MOST interesting, is that funny, witty posts that shouldn’t have triggered anyone at all, did exactly that!!  Triggered Liberals came out of the woodwork, and made complete fools of themselves!  But why?

Perhaps it’s because this week, the #RussiaGate narrative has completely collapsed.  Perhaps it’s because this week, #LittleAdamSchiff (who is completely #FullOfSchiff) was busted for trying to get naked photos of Trump, from Russian comedians that were pranking him.  Or maybe it’s because this week is NOT unlike any other week, in the way the MSM keep pushing their bazarre theories of collusion and treason and/or something – ANYTHING – to “trigger” their base into a complete frenzy.

There are way too many examples of Trump Derangement Syndrome to share with you all… but here are a few from today:

Example #1:  I was added to someone’s special Twitter list, called “Trumptards” 😂😂😂

Example #2: This was day 3 of this guy trolling me.  I thought he was done… but no:


I don’t really need to say more… do I?? 😂😂😂

I’ll update with more examples in due time… but in the meanwhile, stay safe out there, folks!  If you find yourself in the midst of a triggered Liberal swarm, just remember that it’s not reality.  It’s just twitter.  You may feel a need to take a long hot shower, or get your rabies shots up to date… but it’s just Twitter.  It’s going to be OK.  I promise.  (((Hugs))) 😬👍

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